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XDP Fuel Tank Sump - Dual O-Ring XD131-A

  • The XDP Fuel Tank Sump is designed to eliminate the typical ¼ tank issues associated with the in-tank draw straws typically used with aftermarket fuel systems such as Air Dog and FASS pumps. Designed for better diesel fuel delivery, the XDP Fuel Tank Sump fastens to the bottom of your fuel tank and dramatically increases volume to the fuel pump by allowing you to get every drop of fuel out of your tank. The XDP Fuel Sump is the first sump on the market to feature a single piece horseshoe shaped internal ring allowing for a no tank drop installation. This exclusive feature allows for a faster and easier installation. We even include a 3" hole saw for drilling your tank! 


    To provide a leak free seal, the XDP Fuel Tank Sump has been re-designed to feature (2) o-ring gaskets that install into machined grooves for a perfect fit! The XDP Fuel Tank Sump is beneficial to all trucks including stock daily drivers, mild street modifications, drag racing applications, and even sled-pulling.


    • Dual O-Ring Gaskets
    • No tank drop installation cuts installation time
    • Large opening for unrestricted fuel flow
    • Made from Aircraft grade T6 billet aluminum
    • Precision CNC machining technology for a perfect fit
    • Works great with stock or aftermarket fuel tanks
    • Includes 3" hole saw for easy installation 

    Note: Not recommended for off-road applications or for vehicles with potential ground clearance issues. Extra care must be taken to ensure that fuel tank is free of debris after drilling.

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