The PPE 116120000 Replacement Up-Pipes for your 2001-2015 GM 6.6L Duramax increase flow, and reliability. Even a stock Duramax can produce high temperatures and pressures that cause OEM up pipes eventually fail from constant temperature and pressure fluctuation. 

PPE has taken the OEM replacement to a new level. PPE OEM Up-Pipes allow 53% greater flow over stock, and are a direct bolt-on to your factory manifolds. But unlike factory parts, PPE OEM Up-Pipes are manufactured from 11 gauge 304 stainless steel and include PPE's superior 304 stainless steel, internally-sleeved bellows that can take the abuse of high temperatures and pressures. Uses stock exhaust manifolds and hardware.


•Bolt-On Replacement (Non-EGR)
•Faster Spool-Up & Increased Performance 
•Significant Reduction In Exhaust Back Pressure 
•Free-Flowing Stainless Steel Inner Liner Bellows 
•Stainless steel 11-gauge .120-inch wall, 2-inch OD Up-Pipes
Does not retain use of Egr

PPE 116120000 Replacement Up-Pipes


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