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MOOG Inner Tie Rod ES3488

  • Federal-Mogul's Moog® brand tie rods feature a patented cover-plate design that captures the full-ball stud between the upper and lower bearings, eliminating axial clearance or “lash.” This design consistently produces just the right amount of preload, providing proper steering effort over the life of the part.

    Wrench flats are added for ease of installation, and most applications include a castle nut and/or cotter pins for a more secure installation.

    Our tie rod housings are forged from specific materials and then heat-treated, obtaining the most desirable grain structure for strength and durability.

    Moog tie rods are sealed with a premium polychloroprene to keep out dirt, and include a grease relief valve that allows debris to be flushed out when the vehicle is being serviced, giving Moog tie rods a longer life. Bearings include grease grooves that ensure flow of lubrication throughout the part.

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