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LML ATS 7019004368 Twin Fueler Kit

  • The ATS 7019004368 Twin Fueler Kit for your 2011-2015 GM 6.6L Duramax is designed to increase power and performance by adding a CP3 Pump to your fuel system. The factory CP4 is designed to be a high pressure pump to increase atomization of the fuel resulting in a better driving experience on the LML platform. Unfortunately this set up lacks the volume when compared to the previously used CP3 pump, resulting in a limited power band and short cap on power that this vehicle can be pushed to. ATS Diesel has designed this Twin Fueler kit to help you receive the best of both worlds with the fuel volume and pressure you need to maximize your driving experience whether it be daily driving, towing, drag racing, or sled pulling! This kit includes the brackets, hardware and pump to install the Twin Fuelers on your Duramax. Includes additional pump.


    • Better Atomization
    • Increased Throttle Response
    • Faster Spool-Up
    • Ability To Support Demanded Fuel Quantity
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