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  • LBZ/LMM EGR Delete Pipe

    This kit includes:

    - EGR Delete Pipe

    - Hose Clamps

    - Coolant Hose

    - Weld On Up Pipe Cap(standard with every kit)

    -*Can add a modified up pipe which comes pre-welded and ready for install(+$65.00 & $125.00 core charge for stock up pipe) this would replace the weld on up pipe cap*  $125.00 core charge will be refunded once stock up-pipe has been received.

    Standard kits come with a 3" high flow y-bridge, passenger side intercooler pipe, and intercooler boots. This kit does not.

    This kit is offered as a cheap alternative to the standard EGR delete kit. 

    Delete pipe can be powder coated to your choice of color.

    Basic colors are  (ex. Black, White, Red, Lime Green, Orange, etc)
    Specialty colors are $50 extra  (ex. metallic, transparent, such as Candy Apple Red, Electric Blue, Lime Green Metallic, etc.)

    Some colors are in stock. Other colors take a couple days to get powder coated. 

    Type in your preferred color choice. If you are unsure of specialty colors, please call the shop at 740-243-2799 so we can help. Then fill that color choice in for your order. 

    **You can add a PCV Reroute kit to your order as well**

    • Item #: DDP-LBZLMM-EDP