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Front CV Driveline required if vehicle will be operated in 4WD frequently and/or over 20 MPH in 4wd, sold separately p/n DRIVELINE-3194-9800. Carrier bearing spacer will be needed if the rear driveline is 2 piece typical of crew cab long bed trucks, sold separately p/n CBSK2-3. Front heavy duty swaybar highly recommended for safety sold separately p/n SWAYBAR-8239. 33" dia 12.5" wide tire max on 8"-10" wide wheel with 4.35"-5.15" backspacing.

This package is to run front lift height at 4-5", for 6" lift height, must add Cognito upper control arm kit, torsion bar key kit, and taller rear lift block. This package includes: -'FSLK100407' front box kit including PISK2008 pitman/idler arm support kit -(2) 'BILSTEIN-4NTBDFK-GM8L-2001' front Bilstein shocks -(2) 'BILSTEIN-4R-GM8L' rear Bilstein shocks -'BUK10-2.0T-12' 2" block and u-bolt kit.

Cognito 1004.1 4"-6" Lift Kit w/ Bilstein Shocks