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13-14 S&B Filters Cold Air Intake Kit

  • When GM designed the 2013 Duramax they included a secondary sensor that required us to head back to the drawing boards. We drafted up the 75-5065 with an additional location in the tubing for the extra sensor, allowing us to meet factory parameters without sacrificing airflow.

    Get the Full Effect
    Feed even cooler air into your engine with the air intake scoops for the 75-5065. The bumpers for the Chevrolet and GMC are different requiring distinct part numbers.

    Less Restrictive Design
    The interior inlet of the tubing is rounded out to act as a funnel, reducing restriction of airflow from the air box into your engine.

    Quality Down to the Last Screw
    Because providing you with the highest quality products is an obsession of ours, we supply you with all of the best looking, most durable hardware out there. Stainless and zinc plated steel components keep your Duramax intake looking new, even after the competition has faded.

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